Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few Favorites

I haven't updated in awhile as to Trip or Reese's favorite things. There are a ton, especially for Trip so I will just list a few.

Trip loves:
*"dippy" ketchup, syrup, sweet and sour sauce-he puts anything in dippy and always wants dippy-example french toast in ketchup
*Finding Nemo or "Memo"
*Cars movie
*matchbox cars, lines them up-all the same way and same distance apart
*apple juice
*bounce house in basement
*baby sissy Reese
*Dada time
*reading books, especially Brown Bear Brown Bear
*suckers, chocolate, cookies (just like mama)
*dancing or hopping
*nick jr. - wow wow wubbzy and olivia
*laying in mama and dada's bed with mama, dada, and sissy
*feeding Canusa
*taking Canusa for walks and holding her leash
*his blankies and "papiers"

Reese loves:
*eating, eating, and wait more eating! she is quite the piggy
*sleeping on dada, pretty much wedged in his armpit area, she will sleep forever and then smells like his deoderant!
*cuddling in rocking chair
*holding her close and smiling at her-she smiles back now ALL the time! it is so cute!
*napping on her tummy
*loves her bathtime
This girl will not take a pacifier at all! I keep trying since she uses me as one, but i've had no luck yet. We are so extremely blessed to have two healthy loving children. I love spending my days with them and wouldn't change anything about my life (well maybe to lose the baby weight quicker)!


Bryndie said...

What a riot (the bounce house). Burks would be so jealous! I love that little chubber face, she is too cute!

Sharon Thompson said...

I love the update! Congrats on the addition to the family. She is so cute! Trip is so big. I bet he loves his sissy. Congrats again. Isn't two great?:)

Katie and Rick said...

woah 2 up dates in 1 month! you are on a roll Jac... love it. Trip and Reese are precious.

The Currie Family said...

Love the new updates! They are both so precious.

Reese and I should hang out, I LOVE to eat too.....

The Currie Family said...

this is the oldest post ever.....what do you do with all your time?! sew??? :o) love you.