Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few Favorites

I haven't updated in awhile as to Trip or Reese's favorite things. There are a ton, especially for Trip so I will just list a few.

Trip loves:
*"dippy" ketchup, syrup, sweet and sour sauce-he puts anything in dippy and always wants dippy-example french toast in ketchup
*Finding Nemo or "Memo"
*Cars movie
*matchbox cars, lines them up-all the same way and same distance apart
*apple juice
*bounce house in basement
*baby sissy Reese
*Dada time
*reading books, especially Brown Bear Brown Bear
*suckers, chocolate, cookies (just like mama)
*dancing or hopping
*nick jr. - wow wow wubbzy and olivia
*laying in mama and dada's bed with mama, dada, and sissy
*feeding Canusa
*taking Canusa for walks and holding her leash
*his blankies and "papiers"

Reese loves:
*eating, eating, and wait more eating! she is quite the piggy
*sleeping on dada, pretty much wedged in his armpit area, she will sleep forever and then smells like his deoderant!
*cuddling in rocking chair
*holding her close and smiling at her-she smiles back now ALL the time! it is so cute!
*napping on her tummy
*loves her bathtime
This girl will not take a pacifier at all! I keep trying since she uses me as one, but i've had no luck yet. We are so extremely blessed to have two healthy loving children. I love spending my days with them and wouldn't change anything about my life (well maybe to lose the baby weight quicker)!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Recent Events

I have officially not blogged in forever! I was having trouble with pictures both on here and facebook, but I think I may have figured it out. A lot has happened in the Tomyn House over the last few months. Our baby girl, Reese Lyn, was born 1/20 weighing 7 lbs. 6.8 oz., Trip turned 2 on 2/21, the kids and I went to Florida, and Kels is golfing in Mrytle Beach for 5 days as we speak! Reese is 8 weeks old today and yesterday at Dr's appt. weighed 11 lbs. 10 oz., she is doing awesome and loves to eat! Trip was a little over 26 lbs. yesterday and he is doing awesome too! I feel so blessed to have 2 healthy little ones. Kelsey and I feel very content with life! We went out for a walk last night and Kels said no matter how rotten his day might be coming home to this makes it all better! Trip loves holding Canusas leash when we go on walks and thankfully she is such a good dog that no one gets hurt! We are loving life and so incredibly happy. I will try to do more blogging...but I've said that before!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How Time Flies!

I was looking at pictures this morning from last fall and found some really cute ones of Trip. It is crazy to me how much he has changed in 1 year. It makes me sad, but at the same time each stage gets better and better. He is the love of my life (Kels too of course) and I never imagined how someone so small could make me a better person. I am very blessed!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Canada 2009

Early this September we went to Canada to visit friends and family. We had such a great time and really enjoyed a vacation together. Since the vacation and Trip getting to spend 24/7 with dada...he has become a little obsessed and most of the time wants nothing to do with me! We stayed with our friends the MacPherson's and it was wonderful. Rowan is almost 2 and it was constant playtime for her and Trip. Here are a few pictures!

Baby Jane

On September 1st, the Peterson family (Randi, Mike, Darren) welcomed baby Jane Josephine into the world. She was 5 pounds 14 ounces and completely adorable! We went to Chicago to see them and had such a great time. We wish they lived closer to we could see them all more often.

Some Summer Pictures

It's been a crazy couple of months for us...hence the lack of posts. Or maybe I am just lazy?? Either way I am sure this fall and winter I will do better as I will be inside much more. Trip loves to be outdoors, so that is where we spend most of our time. He is really growing up so fast and will be 20 months old next month! He is such a great little boy...tantrums and all! We are also expecting baby #2 (a GIRL) in January. God has been very good to us and Kels and I are so thankful everyday! Here are a few pictures from this summer. I will scan some ultrasound pictures soon also.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Swimming @ the Pool

We took Trip swimming at the pool yesterday. It's so nice because besides the big pool they have a kiddie pool for little ones. We had to hold onto Trip the whole time, he thinks he should be able to float and swim on his own...he's a wild man and very independent. He had so much fun with Dada and was smiling so big! He loves the water and doesn't even mind it on his face (or in his mouth as he likes to drink it)! I told my dad he may have a swimmer afterall!